Get Me There Contest – Put Yourself On Vacation!

Imagine yourself on vacation – where would you want to go? Now make it happen with the Get Me There Contest to promote your travel business!

Leverage the creative imagination of customers to promote your travel business – the Get Me There Contest invites people to visualize themselves on vacation by creating a postcard of themselves in the place they want to go.

How it works?

To enter the contest participants need to upload a photo of themselves in front of a white wall. Using our editor they can easily remove the white background leaving a transparent image of them. Then they select from beautiful images of vacation spots from your travel catalog and place their photo on top of the picture – putting them on vacation!

Next they write a title for the postcard and submit it to the contest. Entries are moderated before going live on a public gallery (on a mini site, branded mobile app, and Facebook app).

A stream of vacation entries is presented in an Instagram-like app promoting your brand. People vote for their favorites and participants share their entries on social media to gain votes to win prizes. A countdown clock show how much time is left and creator of the most-voted entry win a prize (could be a gift certificate, discount on a trip, etc.).

Once the contest is over you can right away start another contest. This is possible because you are leveraging user-generated content (UGC) and so the contest will not get boring because, each time you can focus on a different theme, provide different vacation spot background photo and different people participant creating different contest entries and sharing with new people. All of this makes it an engagement marketing machine for your business, running all year long, accumulating fans with every contest. This is probably the most cost-effective digital marketing system available today.

Using the ComicReply platform you can easily launch, manage, and measure the results of such a viral social media contest. The platform includes all of the features you will need to do this and our team will help customize it as needed at the most reasonable rates and terms.

Get_Me_There_Vacation_Trip_Contest_ComicReply_social_media_platformThis type of contest is great for:
* Travel companies
* Travel agents / websites
* Touring operators / cruise companies
* Tourism departments at municipal, regional and national governments
* Travel insurance companies

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Get Me There Contest - Put Yourself On Vacation!
Imagine yourself on vacation - where would you want to go? Now make it happen with the Get Me There Contest to promote your travel business!
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