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Why it works?.

Because it's more fun for fans

Unlike regular contests that get boring after a while ‘Creative Contests’ are always fun because fans create new original branded fan-art every time.



The Engagement Machine

Every brand and content production should have it’s own online Fan Club. A club can help grow the audience through social media, and also keep the audience engaged, sharing and generating ancillary product sales. Clubs are made up of user-accounts, games and activities.

ComicReply focuses on  ‘Fan-Art’ Creativity Contests, which can be the most effective and inexpensive type of ‘Engagement Machines’, leveraging the creative imagination of the audience for marketing automation.




Let the fans market for you

Every contest entry is automatically tagged with keywords and promotional messages of your choice. When it is shared on social media more back-links are created to your contest site featuring your brand. This format gives your biggest fans a natural way to talk about your brand – inviting their friends to engage with it too. A countdown clock applies some pressure to submit contest entries and ultimately generates a competitive environment, where many people submit ever more sophisticated entries and tell all the friends to get more votes than the others. That way the brand builds a larger mailing list with minimal effort.


Every contest can have a unique creative concept and theme

The only limit is your imagination. One month you can have a postcard-making contest and the next month a drawing contest, a karaoke contest, or many others. Fans could draw over photos of their friends, narrate a silent video and any other combination of multimedia remixes. Present a unique theme for each contest and it will focus the fans to create only relevant original concepts – making every contest unique – leveraging the creative imagination of the audience to generate meta-content for your brand!





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