Coverage Area

Define where the contest will be available.

Location / Language (locking by IP)
Select or enter countries, regions and cities. Wholes cover subsets, so for example, if you select Canada it will be in the whole country, but if you select Canada except a few territories it will be limited to those areas. In this way you can have a contest only available at some cities, regions or countries. Select an official time zone for the contest and languages (a language drop-down will enable users to see the whole contest in any of those languages),

Venue (locking by GPS)
This is for having a contest available only when the participants are at a particular location. This is useful for running contests only at a brand of coffee shops, schools, corporate offices and other unique situations. Enter the address of each location and Lookup – it will appear on the map. Select the place from the map/list and Add it to your list of venues. For uploading a large list of venues please contact us.

Create new Coverage Areas, name them and Save to add them to the list on the right side. Then every time you create a contest you can reuse Areas or speed up the process by duplicating and existing Area and adjusting it for the new contest.