Here you can see all of the Participants in the Contest.

* Select a Contest and Coverage Area
* Select a Participant to see their Profile
* You can Edit their Profile for them (only if they ask to do it in writing)

There are a few types of participant views:

1. All – every person who Signed Up to the Contest

2. Awaiting Verification – this is for Contests limited to specific Membership IDs or other Eligibility criteria. In these cases the Admin will need to verify that they are eligible. Another option is to Disqualify a Winner who is not Eligible. Yet another option is to send a unique entry code to the organization’s invitations (i.e. employee list) and ask for them to enter the code in the Sign Up process.

3. Approved / Declined –  people who signed up

4. Blocked – if a participant breaks the rules of the contest they could be Blocked from the Contest