Funkify Contest – Make a Photo Funky & Share for Votes

Promoting something fun? Make it stand in the crowd with a Funkify Contest!

Some times you just have to make it funky. If you are marketing a wild musical artist, movie, TV show, book, or any other variation, this is an concept for you.

In this contest participants enter the contest by making something funky. It could be a person, place , object or something else. The obvious example is to upload a photo of themselves and add funky props, exclamations and other visual and sound effects to make it funky. But it doesn’t have to be a person, it could be a contest to make your car funky – dress up your car with all kinds of awesome content assets.


How it works:

1. Together, we come up with the right idea for you. Depending on your brand, different concepts could better fit the situation.

2. Prepare content assets for participants to play with – background scenes, character (extras), props, fx, sounds, background music options, etc.

3. Prepare promotional content to be shared along with contest entries – could be a banner ad, text, links, animation, video, etc.

4. Launch the contest – this is a standard process we have for setting up the contest website, mobile app, and Facebook app.

5. Promote the contest along with your existing marketing efforts

How fans participate:

1. They learn about it from a variety of promotions and sign up / login

2. Take a photo (or upload) or another option

3. Dress it up with the various content elements that we provided + title + submit

4. Entries are moderated before going live on the public gallery + notify entree

5. Once live, everyone sees the new entries and votes for their favorites.

6. Participants share their creations to get votes as countdown clock goes down

7. The most-voted at the end of the contest wins a prize package.

This type of contest is great if you are in the entertainment industry and looking for an effective digital promotion to grow your fan base, especially for:
* Music marketing – record labels and artists
* Urban film and TV shows
* Distributing funky content
* Club / Party promotions / flyer distributing
* Music festival, concert or other event organizers
* Comedy producers and distributors
* Ticket sales to shows, both live and virtual

Interested? Contact us to learn more.

Every marketing situation is unique. We can help you identify the best solution for your brand. Some times a variation on a concept can become a very effective digital campaign. We are here to help you find that brilliant concept that will make you stand out in the marketplace and grow your business.

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