ComicReply Localization Module

Introducing the Localization Module: Location-based Contests, Eligibility Membership Controls, and Multilingual Contests 

Giant Step completed development of the ComicReply Localization Module and R&D project with support from the National Research Council (NRC) Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP).

In this project we added several key features to the platform:

  • Coverage Areas – ability to lock a contest to specific geographic areas, whether it be whole countries, provinces/states, or even cities. It is also possible to lock a contest per venue. This is an essential feature for content producer and other brands who have distribution in specific regions and are only allowed to market within those specific regions. Without locking the contest geographic limits it would be impossible to run contests for those clients online.Marketers can now define the specific regions for each contest, name them and even reuse those set regions in future contests (or adjust them for similar ones).
  • Eligibility Membership Controls – contests can be run between consumers, students, employees, sports teams or any other configuration. Some times is is essential to be able to check that a participant is eligible to participate by checking their Student ID for example. Using this tool we can now define several levels of eligibility by the organization name, branch, department, team and member ID.
  • Championships – once a contest has a defined Coverage Area and Eligibility Memberships we can also define up to 3 levels of winner, enabling the contest to have several rounds of play with different prizes at each level. This makes is possible to run contests with local, regional, national and international winners. By enabling contest participants many ways to win, we can incentivize them to participate much more then ever before! A participant can be the winner in their small town, while others win regional and national prizes (but every town can have a winner!).
  • Multilingual Contests – initially we only had English and French options. With this new tool we can launch contests in any languages on the web and mobile. Simply select the content from the contest pages, a language, and update the text for that line.Another feature created in this project was the ability to have the whole ComicReply admin panel in multiple languages. This is very useful for clients in many countries around the world who speak other languages.
  • Location Simulator – once the contest is ready to  launch, you can now preview how it works in various locations and situations. Using the Location Simulator you can try logging in as if you are anywhere in the world, with any eligibility and see that it really does lock you out as needed.


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ComicReply Localization Module
Introducing the Localization Module: Location-based Contests, Eligibility Membership Controls, and Multilingual Contests.
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