HubSpot Inbound Marketing Tour – Toronto

ComicReply attended the Toronto stop of HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Tour

HubSpot was one of the first software providers to focus on inbound marketing and have many years of experience perfecting website content, landing pages, call to actions (CTA) and related outreach.

Throughout the day we learned a few new tricks and reminded again of the importance of having very detailed information online to support every aspect of the customer’s needs.

Customer behavior has changed

Search Patterns
In the past few years the way people search for products and services has changed in many ways. Advertising today doesn’t work as it used to and companies need to adapt. Customers are looking for products and services online, through blogs, reviews, social media, apps and related documents such as online brochures, eBooks, interactive experiences and more.

Content is King
Ads are still effective in bringing prospects to these content pieces, but the ads don’t work by themselves. Having an ad link to a product order page can work for selling a commodity, but most products, services and even basic items can be further explained and presented with more information than they were in the past. That content makes a big difference in the customer buyer decisions.

The ability to compare
As comparison sites advance it will soon be even easier for customers to compare your product features and minute details with the competition. This scenario makes it essential for companies to present a lot of detailed info online.



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