Flooring Design Contest – Interior Design Fun

Bring customers to your home improvement or interior design business with a Flooring Design Contest.

In this concept people explore flooring design ideas in a social creative contest.

Renovations is a big deal. Before purchasing materials shoppers need to think about their space, what fits, what doesn’t, and explore various options. If you are in the interior design, materials, equipment or services business, then you know the intricacies of this process well. But once home owners decide what they want to do the buying process is very fast. There’s a deep emotional connection between people and the spaces they live in and so once a decision is made we move quickly to get it done and see the results.

As a supplier you need to move prospects into customers as fast as possible and a big part of it is in helping the customer explore the various options in a fast, fun, and exciting way. The more exciting it is the more chances that they will find a specific design that fits them and that will also help you.

Since the buying process doesn’t start at your store, you need to entice shoppers to consider your store and products somehow. The obvious solution is to make it easy for shoppers to visualize how a variety of options will look in their home. This can be done by adding a tool on your website where people can upload images of their rooms and replace the floors with various options.

Taking it a step forward, having a contest where participants create design ideas using an editor that allows them to play with items from your catalog.


How it works:

1. Using the ComicReply platform we upload flooring design elements from your product catalog.

2. We launch the contest as a mini-site, branded mobile app, and possibly also on your Facebook page (as a Facebook app on a separate tab – this way you can reach customers on Facebook).

3. Promote the contest by adding it to your existing marketing initiatives.

What happens next?

1. People sign up / login and select from your floor pieces to create interesting patterns – then name the designs and submit them as contest entries.

2. Visitors see a stream of pattern designs in an Instagram-like display where they can also vote for their favorites. A countdown clock show how much time is left in the contest and so participants share their floor pattern entries on social media to get votes to win prizes.

3. At the end of the contest the most-voted entries win prizes (could be gift certificates or something else).

Then you can start another contest. Unlike other types of contests this doesn’t get boring because every time you can have different theme, elements, participants and entries. They share with new people and every share also promotes your brand. It can automatically include your brand watermark, a banner or other promos. This way you can accumulate fans with every contests, progressively auto-marketing and growing your business with minimal effort.

This type of contest is great for:
* Home improvement stores
* Interior designers
* Furniture stores
* Department stores
* Shopping malls

Interested? Let’s talk.

Every business is a little different and depending your the time of year, your current marketing initiatives, short and long term goals, you may have other ideas in mind. We can help you identify the best social media marketing solution for your brand. Contact us here to start a conversation:

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Flooring Design Contest - Interior Design Fun
Bring customers to your home improvement or interior design business with a Flooring Design Contest. In this concept people explore flooring design ideas in a social creative contest.
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